The Veraweld

The Veraweld is our all-round robotic orbital welder, with which we have proven our expertise in developing and manufacturing computer aided welding equipment.

The Veraweld system is a successful formula in the pipeline construction society, in both on- and offshore pipeline construction. The basic elements for the success of Veraweld are:

  • the very high deposition rate, with a low repair rate
  • the flexibility in practical use
  • the light, small and solid design
  • the ease of operation
  • the ability to weld all passes and weld processes with one system
  • the ability of data logging off all welding parameters
  • the ability to hook-up Veraweld with client’s own auxiliary equipment
  • the all pipeline conditions resistant design
  • the Vermaat’s training and support facilities
  • the possibility for clients to own automatic equipment and know-how