The Veraweld operation

Today's computer and manipulation technology has created the possibility to preset all the welding parameters for each welding pass and for all positions over the entire pipe circumference into the computer. A complete set of preset values can be selected by just pressing a button on the remote control.

The welding-head (bug) then can be started to weld at any position in full accordance (and controlled by the computer) with the preset parameters.
The computer controls the entire welding process, by monitoring and adjusting the following parameters:

  • welding current
  • arc voltage
  • welding speed
  • torch angle and height
  • pulsation speed (if used)
  • up and down slope
  • burn back
  • gas flow and pre flow
  • wire speed
  • operator interference through remote control

What we mean by multi-purpose and flexibility is the possibility to weld GMAW (MIG/MAG), FCAW (Inner shield and Outer shield), GTAW (TIG), or a combination of those processes and all the passes with the same equipment in a manner as explained before.
Data logging of the parameters of the actual welding execution will be appreciated by your proposed clients (pipelines consignees) because of the adaptability to their QA/QC programs and is an important contribution to a controlled and therefore better welding execution.

If you want to see our Veraweld system in action, do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment for a live demonstration. You can use the question section on this site to do this.


Single torch
Travel speed:                         up to  4000 mm/min (157 inch/min )
Torch angle movement:         40°
Oscillation speed:                  up to 5000 mm/min (197 inch/min)
Oscillation width:                   up to 42mm
Oscillation dwell:                   0.001 sec to infinite
Oscillation repeatability:         0.05mm
Welding current values:         40 – 400 Amp programmable in 1 Amp. Increments
Bug travel force:                    Three times it own weight including its umbilical
Pipe diameters:                     152 mm and up (6 inch)

Dual torch
Two torches:                         independently programmable, water cooled
Pipe diameters:                     152mm  and up (6 inch)
Weight:                                 11kg  (26lbs)
Sizes:                                    250 x 200 x 200 mm  ( 9.8 x 7.9 x 7.9 inches)
Travel speed:                         up to  4000 mm/min (157 inch/min )
Oscillation speed:                  up to 5000 mm/min (197 inch/min)
Oscillation dwell:                    0.001 sec to infinite
Oscillation stroke:                   up to 43 mm (1.7 inch)
Height stroke:                        48 mm (1.9 inch)
Operating environment:         -50 till +50 degrees Celsius