Monitor/logger equipment

The VT logger is our portable weld process monitor and logging device, which allows monitoring the following welding parameters.

Travel Speed:

Travel speed can be measured as follows:

  • Travel speed sensor. Sensor measures positions, in degrees during welding.
In combination with programmed weld radius average weld speed is calculated.
  • Pre-programmed weld length in combination with measured total arc time actual the weld speed is calculated.
  • Weld length input after a welding in combination with measured total arc time average weld speed is calculated.


Arc Voltage:

Arc Voltage can be measured as follows:

  • 2 voltage sensing leads to be connected to the pipe and to the tip of the welding torch



Arc Current:

Arc current can be measured as follows:

  • Hall effect sensor fixed in a current box
  • Clamp-on meter for easy and fast connection



Wire speed:

Wire speed can be measured as follows:

  • Incremental encoder integrated in a wire straighter unit
  • Clamp-on DC tachometer


Gas Flow:

Gas flow can be measured as follows:

  • In-line Gas flow meter (max.  pressure 25 Psi)

Every second a set of measurements is displayed on a small LCD monitor. When the arc voltage and arc current do so indicate, the measurement sets are stored on the logger’s harddisk.
The measurements are grouped into layers, which have to be named by the operator; each layer is automatically divided into runs, each corresponding with the moment that the actual welding started.
When a standard line printer is connected, then for every run a print-out is produced, with a line of data every second.
While the VT logger is logging new data, older data can be reviewed as well.



General Specification (may vary for other models)


Dimension 468 x 355 x 193 mm18.4 x 14 x 7.6 inch
Weight 12.5 kg27.5 lbs(excluding probes etc.)
Protection Watertight, crush proof & dust proof
Application (P)GMAW, (P)GTAW, FAW, SAW
Techniques Manual, Semi or Fully Automatic welding
Temperature range -20 until +45 degrees Celsius-4 until +113 degrees Fahrenheit
Battery Max. 4 hours of operation on full charge
Power 100 – 240VAC (50W)
communication USB (memory stick)(Wireless) Ethernet (file sharing)Access possible over the Internet