Vermaat Technics was set up in 1978 by Huibrecht and Adri Vermaat.

It started out very small but over the years the company became international with projects in different parts of the world. Based in Rockanje, the Netherlands, Vermaat Technics  specializes in designing and manufacturing of extremely high-quality products, products to provide the perfect technical solution to all your industrial automation problems.

At Vermaat Technics we make a detailed analysis of every technical problem. This is a unique feature of our company. The design, construction and production work is all carried out by our own departments. However, it does not stop there. The hardware and software are also produced in-house and naturally, user training is part and parcel of every assignment too. Even the maintenance is carried out by our own employees. This all means that you can count on the delivery of a complete package of goods and services.

We’ve used this approach at Vermaat Technics to solve numerous complicated technical problems at various locations throughout the world.

Vermaat Technics can also provide you with the right, individually-designed solution to your technical problems. Our goal has never been to produce huge numbers of robots, just the best robots.